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What is Telephone number?

A telephone number is a sequence of digits, Most telephone numbers are assigned to one mobile telephone or one telephone line, and most lines or mobiles have one number. The number assigned to a fixed-line telephone subscriber station connected to a wireless electronic telephony device or to a telephone line, to other devices for data transmission via the PSTN ( public switched telephone network).

Telephone number Example:

US:1444-555-1234 1(123)456-7890 123)456.0987

China Telephone: 18911111111 0086 18911111111 +86-18911111111

France Telephone: 06 44 44 44 44 +33 0033

Germany Telephone: 089-1234567 0049-89-123456 089 123456-78

UK Telephone number:01611234567 00 44 161 1234567 01611234567x123