About US

Sometimes You are surfing on Internet, you have a free trial comes along, you must enter you name Birthday Username Email Address, City Phone Credit card number and so on, Many people like me don't want to share the information just yet for security. That's GetNewIdentiy.com comes in. It will generates Personal Identity information, Credit card numbers, SSN, SIN, NINO numbers you can use so you don't have to give actual information.

At the same time, GetNewIdentiy.com gives many Validators to check out International Article Number, Employer Identification Number, Global Release Identifier, International Bank Account Number, identification number, International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, International Standard Serial Number and so on.

Tools for using and DMCA

The numbers generated by GetNewIdentiy.com only for testing, so they are useless for fraud purposes. I write the site by myself, get information from wikipedia, if there is anything infringe upon your copyright pls contact houzhong%gmail.com (change % with @).